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Water bodies and water facilities

Landscape art workshop of Irina Kurakolova deals with the direction related to water facilities (swimming pools, artificial water bodies, fountains, streams, etc.). If you want to have such beauty and luxury on your site, call us: 066 443 26 16 066 774 74 58

Any water body will revive the garden and will consider it in a whole new dimension. Such facilities are encouraged to plan at the stage of drafting. In terms of landscaping, water - an amazing material that is never static but always moving and changing. In addition, the water body always attracts animals and birds that will benefit the garden. For example, toads, hedgehogs and frogs kill snails, slugs, insects, birds eat a lot of soil and plant pests.

The form and style of the future water body shall comply with the project of the garden and reflect its common theme that is to be complementary to it, but not be a separate element. The symmetrical shape will add rigor and clarity of the formal garden. Also, this option is ideal for a small site. The number of plants should be limited in a symmetrical water body, in addition, it is recommended to plant them in containers. It is preferable to choose the cultures, using the vertical space and thereby creating a contrast of the smooth surface of the water body.

Asymmetric water bodies are better suited for the informal style. The main task - to combine their design with the general idea of ​​the garden. Asymmetry of the water body involves placing thick aquatic vegetation, which may be located directly in the water and on its banks.