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Aquatic plants, artificial islands and decorative fish species

Particularly interesting is the idea of creation of raised water body. This facility is not only attractive, but also multifunctional. In addition to the revitalization of the garden, it increases the light output due to the reflectivity of the water. This is especially true for small areas or shaded areas. Raised water bodies, combined with a fountain, are well suited for seasonal breeding of fish, as in summer the water is well oxygenated. If one desires to raise fish year round, it is necessary to build a water body that would meet certain requirements. Installation of specific cleaning systems, pumps and filters is needed.

The most popular species of fish - Coeus carps. There are 80 species. They have bright various colors. They respond to the voice of the man who feeds them. Therefore, over time, they will swim themselves, hearing Your footsteps.

You should also think over what aquatic plants are suitable for different species of fish. Oxygen-producing plants can meet the needs of small fish. The large specimens of fish will need a centralized system of water enrichment with air.

The new element is the water design of the garden - artificial islands on the basis of special modules. The module-base of the island (the frame of “artificial roots”) has holes for planting. In the process of plant growth, their roots are woven into a module-base. The island can be of any size, it is mobile, it (or them) can be set exactly in the place where You want to see the island today.

Experts of the Landscape art workshop of Irina Kurakolova are ready to advise You on this issue and make an island for You. Each element in the garden constitutes a unified picture of the garden, conceived by landscape architect. And it does not matter, whether this is an island or a traditional garden with elements, pleasing Your eyes, the most important is that everything You are doing brings You positive emotions and the desire to live!