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Irrigation systems

If you have good decorative and fruit plants planted on Your site, if you have a lawn, all these plants can not be watered by hand in a very hot period. Irrigation is carried out at any time with the help of automatic systems if needed. Conifers and fruit trees require high-quality irrigation in the summer period. The quality of manual irrigation will never be compared with the automatic irrigation of plants. It is better to mount the automatic irrigation systems in spring, after the work on creation of drainage and rough planning works.

Automatic irrigation system provides for the installment of the watering heads instead of the usual outlets, and placing them in such a way as to cover the entire area. Irrigation is controlled by a system unit, which alternately enables and disables the irrigation areas in the specified time. Irrigation system can produce watering of the area in your absence.

Automatic irrigation system can be simplified or complicated, adding new devices with the necessary functions depending on the needs of your site to the configuration. For example, the controller will monitor the weather changes, if you connect a weather station with a special set of sensors to it. In case of rain or strong wind, the controller will automatically switch off the pump suspending the action of a given program of irrigation.