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Lighting systems

The landscaping project provides the availability of the lighting system project. It is necessary to highlight the most beautiful places in the site, which are the pond, gazebo, alpine garden, rockeries, small architectural forms, water features (waterfalls, creek, Cascade). If we talk about practical problems, it is the system of lighting paths, gates, perimeter security lighting. The landscaping project requires the presence of sockets and lighting facilities, to which power supply is connected (purifying and pumping system of artificial reservoirs, the system of paths heating, automatic gates). A properly designed and mounted lighting system – is a mandatory part of the complex of works on beautification, gardening and landscaping.

A serious problem that is solved by landscaping, is artificial lighting of the plantings. This task requires a responsible and integrated approach. When solving this task one should take into account not only the aesthetic factor, but also the susceptibility of plants to artificial light.

The first stage of the installation of a system of artificial lighting is designing. The location for each lighting unit is carefully chosen - depending on the location of the illumination object and functional task of lighting of the landscape. Then the scheme of electrical cabling is being developed, the location of the control unit is being selected, a complete specification for the lighting system is being compiled. Manual control is realized by means of switches (separately for the group or device). Electronic control includes coverage of the signals given by a pre-programmed timer, or according to the indices of light-sensitive cell.

Aesthetic task of the lighting systems - the creation of lighting effects that cause pleasant emotions, emphasizing the beauty of the landscape, refined compositions of plants. The most effective method used in landscaping, is considered to be lighting of small architectural forms and vegetation. Due to the lighting effects the site acquires a unique charm. In the New Year holidays it became fashionable to decorate the trees with garlands with small lights, which can raise your mood at any time of year. Lighting of the territory is necessary at night and in the evening. Particular attention should be paid to the most frequently visited places of the site (paths, recreation areas, space in front of the house, gates and garage) which shall be quite clearly lightened.

Spherical lights provide ambient light, spotlights - directional, floating or submerged flashlights are used in the water. The height and shape of the lights depend on their purpose in the landscape design of the site. The background is lightened with diffused light, the foreground – with a bright, directional light. Lights are installed in such a way that the light is directed from an observer and the observer is not blinded. Plants are covered with light from the bottom up; the flow of light is directed to the foliage. The scattered light within the group of plants gives it volume; a beam of light directed into the group emphasizes texture of plants. The paths are covered with the mushroom-like low lights, and it is better to install brighter lights, floor lamps or wall lamps at the entrance to the site or in the house. One should not hang lights on the tree trunks for lighting garden plot. All garden lights, switches, sockets, cables and other equipment should be of a factory production and have proper corrosion resistance, water resistance. Places of the cable laying should be noted on the chart in case of any excavations in the garden. In this sense, portable lamps with sharp counters, digged into the ground are convenient - if necessary they can be just on time removed or moved to another location.