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Breast walls

Breast walls in a garden are intended for either to protect the plot or as a decorative detail that separates the area into sectors. In addition, this element provides protection for delicate plants from wind and it creates shadow. Before starting the construction of the breast wall it is necessary to plan carefully its location, height and functionality. Materials to build the wall can be bricks, stones, perforated cement blocks and so on. The main thing is to match the style of home and garden.


To make garden style more natural breast walls are created due to dry stack, that is erected from stones, without solution. These fences are usually made tapering to the top in order to achieve a higher degree of stability. The thickness of the breast wall at the base must be at least 1 meter, and at the top – about 30 cm. For its alignment it is used wooden profiles established in the alleged beginning and end of the fence. The material is better to choose granite or basalt, the most durable rock. The device of drywall is very difficult and time consuming. Therefore, to perform such work it would be preferred to invite professionals.


The construction of a breast wall is begun with the removal of top soil on the site of its foundation. The resulting plot is thoroughly tamped and spread by large flat stones of the base. Then it is built a few rows of the front and back surface of the wall using stones of the frame. They are the stones of regular shape or have at least one flat side. Large, flat rectangular stones are placed between the rows in the resulting cavities, the stones are called intermediate. Their function is to connect the wall framing. The remaining gaps should be filled with small stones, and then tram the whole clutch. In the same way must be continued the construction of the following rows of the breast wall. For the peaks and the most flat and wide stones are chosen, they cover securely all the remaining cavities.

Breast walls erected on a concrete base are faced to give them a decorative look and in accordance with the design of the garden. The facing materials could be Granite (rubble, plates, cobbles), sandstone (random and geometrically regular forms), slate, clinker brick and other materials.

In modern design for the breast walls mosaic decoration is widely used. Originally mosaic was used for the decoration of the floor and was compiled from a variety of colored tiles. It is fashionable to create patterns of fragments of pottery, fragments of stained glass, and colorful pieces of ceramics. It is also possible to include three-dimensional objects such as shells, pebbles. To fix the parts is preferable to use cement or tile adhesive, so mosaic will be more weather resistant. Particular attention should be paid to embedding the gap sand fissures where water may enter. It can promote to lag the tiles from the surface.