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Studio of landscape art by Irina Kurakolova «Rusya-Kiev», LTD

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Small architectural forms

Small architectural forms of decorative destination are used for aesthetic influence on the person. They are classified on the following types:

  1. Decorative - sculptures, fountains, vases, decorative panels, trellis and lattice, etc.
  2. Utilitarian character - ramps, stairs, pergolas, sheds, bridges, benches, barbecues, etc.

Decorative sculpture emphasizes the overall planning decision, it shall be compositionally linked to the environment. Besides the planning is created based on the location of the sculpture.

Landscape art workshop of Irina Kurakolova refers fountains to a special group of small architectural forms, as nothing can revive the garden and the mood of the people resting in it, as the water in a jet of fountain. And if there is even a sculpture in the fountain architecture, the pleasure and joy are indescribable. Fountains have been the main central element in our projects. This is due to the fact that our customers and they are people of culture, intelligent, are traveling a lot around the world and see that a mandatory element of the best projects of palaces and landscaped parks is water in all its forms. Both Versailles, and Fontainebleau, and park in front of the Eiffel Tower, and the musical fountains in Barcelona (tremendous sight forever), and Petrodvorets (with its fountains), and such “ands” are endless - all this means that the water - is life, dynamics, the pulse. And we all love this life no matter what “surprises” it has for us at times. Sculpture is always popular. The time changes, the fashion and styles change, and the sculpture changes. It is becoming more sophisticated - metal, even glass, but its popularity has always been obvious. All the more the distinct people have the distinct tastes. Therefore, at all times there have been real connoisseurs of classical sculpture, which adorns the regular French gardens, perfectly combined with fountains. At the same time, classical sculpture, as the focus of antiquity in modern times, can be applied to creating stylish modern gardens. This is a very interesting and modern tendency today.

Landscape art workshop of Irina Kurakolova supplies fountains made of marble, granite, sandstone, of any architectural ideas. The fountains are equipped with colored lights at the request of the customer.

Small architectural forms attach a special glamour, beauty and grandeur to any estate. Small architectural forms made by individual sketches and drawings of marble, granite, ceramics and other materials, will be delivered and installed in Your estate.