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The most common method of covering the area between flower beds, alpine slides, borders and garden buildings is the organization of grass lawns. As a general definition the area of the soil which forms dense sward seeded with grains or ground cover plants is called lawn.

Nowadays, there are two main types of lawns: parterre and common. The first one is lawn covered with dense emerald green whose surface appears velvety. Secrets of the parterre lawn are two main points. First, it is used for planting low-growing narrow-leaved plants: bent grass, Kentucky bluegrass, red fescue, and others. Second, it is necessary low and above all regular cutting.

In spite of very beautiful and neat appearance of parterre lawn, care for it results some difficulties. He absolutely cannot stand trampling so the garden serves only a decorative function. Also parterre lawn is a bit more expensive than ordinary: according the costs of seeds, and care. In addition, narrow-leaved grasses sprout and grow rather slow so to expect quick results from the spent money and effort is useless. Surface allotted under parterre lawn should be perfectly flat and there cannot be any question about small bumps and dimples. For those people who are not ready to devote so much energy and money for the lawn but still wants children, pets playing on it or to have picnics there is common lawn. It certainly has not so spectacular views as well-groomed parterre lawn, but it can serve not only as a subject of admiration. For the arrangement of such lawn it is used ryegrass long-term and broad-leaved grass families. In addition, common lawn will not be too spoiled, if it is cared not very skillfully or if it is left for a long time without any attention. Seeds for its sowing are fairly cheap and grow fast. However, and this species has theirs drawbacks. In late spring and early summer grass of the common lawn grows especially actively and the lawn requires frequent cuttings. The surface does not appear velvety although it can be partially corrected by using a mower with a cylindrical blade.

Breakingdown common lawn (as well as parterre) it is necessary to be careful holding landscape works on plot’s preparation: organize drainage, buy seeds or sod, remove weeds. Before planting the soil it must be fed. Subsequently, this operation is recommended to do regularly enough, as well as mowing. Bumpy in height sprawling lawn has unkempt look. In addition, too low and infrequent cuttings can lead to deterioration of the lawn quality and its diseases. Also, it can be destroyed by overdose of fertilizer such as untimely or excessive application of lime and frequent rolling. It is not the best way of effecting on the lawn condition by pitch shadow, blasts, trampling, excrements of domestic animals, and drops of water from the trees crowns. Such second-rate lawn can still be cured because its main component – form a sward grass – will be saved. Having established the cause of deterioration of the quality of cover you should fix it. If it is disease it is necessary to cure it. Then, it is recommended interplant high quality seed mixture containing a long-term ryegrass.