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Express-design of the garden

     Express-design of the garden can be developed in the areas of up to 10 acres and with the distance of 30 km from Kyiv. This is a convenient and inexpensive version of the design and implementation of the project, provided that the drainage system, lighting and irrigation are not planned, and the works with relief are not provided. Express-design of the garden lies in the fact that the Customer meets with landscape architect in the office of the Landscape art workshop of Irina Kurakolova. Having a site plan, photos of the area (if any), knowing the location of the site on the sides of the horizon, the Customer fills out the questionnaire with his/her wishes for the design and pricing policies (it depends on the variety and age of the plants) and within 4 days he/she receives the express package: conceptual master plan, dendroplan and the assortment list of plants, as well as an estimate on implementation of the express design of the garden (on the plants and on works). This design method is useful in cases where there is urgency in carrying out the express design of the garden. Having completed the express package, our experts will carry out delivery and planting of plants on the site of the Customer within 5 working days. Express-design of the garden (design) can be conducted both in the office and on-site of the Customer.