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Flower gardens

For organization of flower gardens for various types it is used annuals, biennials, perennials plants. Well behaved ones in the flower gardens are tuber and tuber-alliaceous. Recent trends in flower gardens development give opportunity to use greenhouse-decorative plants (akalifa, balsam, kordiliny, Vershafelta Coleus, Tradescantiazebrina and others). They are planted in flower gardens creating background for the blossoming plants, as well as similar groups and vases to mitigate the brightest and saturated colors of flowers. The group of carpet-deciduous plants is used to create portraits, arabesques, carpet beds, level spaces, boards, etc. Most often such flower gardens planted with sedum karneum, lidium, alternanteru, mezenbriantemum, Santolina, Gnaphalium, Iresine, Ahirantes and others. Groups of planting material for flower gardens are determined depending on the type of floral design, artistic decision, and soil and climatic conditions. After selecting the assortment, agro biological appropriate microclimate of the landscaping object, the material is processed according its decorative features. For highly artistic flower gardens it is selected the most spectacular flower color combinations, it is searched the correct proportions of the colors in the composition. Flower gardens sketches are developed and color decisions are selected. For their performance in nature it is used only varietal plants mentioned in the specifications for the project. Types of flower gardens the most loved by our customers are curbs, flower beds ridges, mix boarders, arabesques and carpet flower gardens.