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Landscape Design

The list of basic services in landscape design

            Landscape design plays one of the leading roles in creating of harmonious environment of comfort and coziness for people.

Today the territory behind the windows attracts great attention as continuation of the interior. View from rooms has to move smoothly into the exterior. And landscape design reveals itself in this way perfectly. The style of the garden and the house should be united. Landscape architect and architect of the house are partners and soul mates who embody single idea. Landscape design is a powerful tool for creating the territory of comfort, relaxation for the whole family.

Studio of landscape art by Irina Kurakolova offers development and implementation of “turnkey” projects on landscape design and execution of work in urban and suburban mansions, villas, banks, restaurants, offices.


Pre-design preparation: necessary measurements of the territory; sketched versions of a general plan, sketched visualization of essential points of the project.

Development of the primary package of the project:

  1. General plot plan in large cartographic scale, which includes all of the designed landscape elements accomplishment and gardening of the plot.
  2. Layout drawings - map scheme of position all the designed objects with reference to the locality the scale of general plan.
  3. Plan for pavage of the road-path network device
  4. Plan for covers
  5. Dendrological plan with detailed statement of the assortment, accompanied by photos of plants in scale of general plan
  6. The main decorative compositions of plants within the project of dendrological plan on separate sheets
  7. Planting draft for specialists’ work on landscape design. This is a map scheme of planting with reference to the area
  8. Breakdown schemes of the flower beds, mix boarders
  9. Plan – system scheme of the drainage
  10. Plan – system scheme of the watering
  11. Plan – system scheme of lighting
  12. Sketches of accentual nodes of element landscape development. It is carried in manual (pencil, watercolor) or due to Computer Graphics (A 3)
  13.  Working drafts for those elements of landscape improvement which require special knowledge. Including sections of coatings, retaining walls, reservoir devices, floorings, platforms, small architectural forms
  14. General views of the prospects (if applicable), elevations
  15. The specification of building and molding materials used in landscape design of the plot
  16. Table of recommendations for gardener on care of the plants, schedule of seasonal work in the garden


The estimated cost of works shall be calculated individually for each object.


 Additional list of services for landscape design:

  1. Distant design for territorially remote plots
  2. Design and decoration (including plants):

-         swimming pools, waterfalls, cascades, lakes, streams (water and dry) and places of rest near them

-         barbecue areas, sports, children's playgrounds

-         fountains and fountain complexes

-         plant and flower compositions, flower beds, ridge and others (schemes)

-         small architectural forms (benches, sculptures made ​​of metal, ceramic, wood, glass, vases, etc.)

-         patterns of plant mazes and level spaces (schemes)

  1. Design of vertical gardening
  2. Design of alpine gardens, rockeries
  3. Projects development of winter gardens and gardens on the roof
  4. Sketch development of forged components and parts
  5. Project “Express design of the garden” (10 Ares)


Author’s supervision (in the phase of project implementation):

  1. Controlling compliance with all decisions
  2. Making any changes to the general plan whose necessity can arise during the project implementation
  3. Choosing of planting materials assortment
  4. Recommendations for the choice of nursery gardens’ plants
  5. Preliminary selection of planting material (the whole range of plants)
  6. Choosing of materials for paths, recreation areas and entry areas (such as granite, sandstone, shale, etc.)
  7. Preliminary selection of small architectural forms (sculptures, swimming pools, arbors, gazebos, vases, benches, etc.)
  8. Preliminary selection of the lighting equipment
  9. Preliminary selection of the watering system
  10. Coordination and approval of materials and plant products selection
  11. Decorating the territory with small architectural forms