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Studio of landscape art by Irina Kurakolova «Rusya-Kiev», LTD

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Kurakolova Irina Vasilyevna

Leader of Landscape art studio, landscape architect, master.

member of the Guild of landscape entrepreneurs of Ukraine

two higher educations:

economic (KNUTE) and design – National Academy of Managing Personal of Culture and Art, Institute of design and landscape art

Theme of the master's work was “Scientific researches on the influence of plants characteristic features (color, texture, smell, and shape) on psycho-emotional state of a person” (supervisor – Professor Zhirnov A.D., scientific consultant – senior lecturer of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences Vdovchenko V.V.


Landscape art philosophy

Each person conquering another height in the life, reaching moral satisfaction, material wealth, tends to bring something new into own life – to renovate the interior, to build a new house, to purchase a plot of land where one can realize dreams in creation of the landscape. It is good if the surrounding nature is the way it can be a source of joy, good mood and peace by itself. Then you need just to add accents in the garden, small architectural forms, including gazebos, benches, swimming pool, lighting, and the garden is ready. But such favorable conditions cannot be always available. There are areas with sandy, loamy soils, complicated relief (though it is interesting and beautiful), with scanty natural flora. And then there has a lot to think about, survey the territory, and develop competent architectural and plan solution. But whatever the situational plan of area would be the task of the Author landscape design is to model and create such garden which would be in architecture and style of home, it would continue interior development (its features) in the garden, would be in its functional purpose and the most important would bear the idea (philosophy and harmony) appropriate to lifestyle, tastes and needs of a customer. Landscape architect Irina Kurakolova deals with such challenges.

Landscape art studio by Irina Kurakolova is professional team of specialists in different directions of landscape architecture, working in a team of associates who understand and share the idea of landscape architect. We design and implement projects which carry in their idea the philosophy of garden; we create energy and mood of the landscape and the environment. People who live here immersed in the aura created for them. The author invests the part of own soul in the concept creation of the garden, that is why it is so important to make sure that your garden is created by a person who understands these subtle philosophical points. Irina Kurakolova has been dealing with this direction for 15 years. Often visiting the countries around the world, studying art history on the original examples – gardens and parks in France, Italy, England, she has studied and permeated with the spirit of ancestral estates in Spain, she develops author projects individually for each customer. There are taken into account many aspects including family structure, lifestyle and occupation of all family members, their age, tastes, preferences for the style of the interior in harmony with the exterior, and horoscope signs, and the psychological perception of color and sense of smell … Yes, it might seem complicated but that is just the "highlight" of the Author landscape design which “works” only in complete harmony and understanding between landscape architect and the customer. It is important that people understand each other, even thoughts. Then you get huge enjoyment from creativity. All of our ideas are succeed and as a result the garden is full of harmony and positive emotions.